As the mother of a toddler in potty training, family outings can be a challenge. Basically you have 2 choices, either you can put pull-ups on your toddler, or carry around a portable baby seat so that they can use the public bathroom. I have never been a big fan of either since the portable potty covers are often cumbersome and not really “one size fits all” parse, and putting pull-ups in the essential part of potty training may confuse the child, after all the whole point is to go in the potty. That’s where the Potty Cover from comes in. I had the chance to try this new product in a real life situation in our last trip to Disney Orlando. The potty covers themselves come individually wrapped so you can take as many as you need without compromising space in the baby bag. They are large enough so that the front strip covers the front part of the toilet in order to keep your child from coming in contact with any potentially unsanitary surface. The sides and back cover extremely well and they have managed to work with every potty I encountered in our trip. The material is sturdy unlike the regular disposable covers and you feel confident adjusting it to your child’s needs.  Needless to say this product is great and I will always have a few on hand in case they are needed, my daughter was thrilled to be able to use big girl’s panties the whole day in this hot Florida weather, as well as using the big girl’s potty and I was thrilled because of the convenience in this product. Needless to say if you have a toddler in training the Potty Cover from is a definite must, highly recommended! I am not going to lie, I used one as well I loved them as well. In the pictures below you will see how we even tried them at home with a potty seat.  

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I was not  paid to review this product, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


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mOmma Lansinoh Baby Product review and Giveaway and COUPON for $5!

mOmma Lansinoh Baby Product review and Giveaway!

mOmma is a revolutionary line of Italian baby products that encourages babies to discover and develop their motor skills through products that are ergonomically shaped; they rock back and forth and have a round grip meant to make the utensils easier and more natural to hold on to.   They thoughtfully combine shape, style, movement and color to transform each moment of your baby’s mealtimes into one of growth, learning, and fun. There is a complete line of products designed around baby’s changing needs during their phases of growing from bottles to teething to independent drinking and eating solids.

My Review:
I was given the chance to try out two fun mOmma products and they are all so hygienic, adorable and functional!  My youngest is now 3 years old but it was not that long ago that I was bottle feeding her and feeding her meals!  I was thrilled when I saw her reaction to the spoon and the fork when we received them. I love the way she was able to handle the fork and the spoon. The spoon and fork both have a soft textured ball shaped handle that is easy for your child to handle and it does NOT slip out of his or her hand.  The fact that the spoon & fork sit up and rock back and forth also helps with motor development and to keep them nice, clean and off the floor!  The protective cover provides a hygienic casing during travel, while doubling as an extendable handle! To go further I tried these out of spaghetti night and guess what parents they DO NOT get STAINED with the red sauce.  I popped them in the dishwasher and bamm they were clean! I am also happy to announce that these products are BPA FREE & Phthalate FREE! You can purchase mOmma at Target, Walmart, and may other retailers.

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They were voted Consumer product of the year 2012 for Product Innovation & PTPA Award winning product!

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Cobb CinéBistro @ Dolphin Mall, Doral, Florida

This is the place to go for a wonderful movie going experience! Once again they did a wonderful job, the hostesses were so friendly and knowledgeable, Drew at the bar was very nice, he came up to us as we were sitting on the couch waiting for our movie to be called in and asked us if we wanted drinks or anything to snack on, we wanted water at first and he read our minds he brought the water with lemon! I was so thrilled, a few seconds later we called him to order a drink(I couldn't drink I was on antibiotics) and my husband ordered a Redbull and vodka, he asked which type of vodka(this NEVER happens where we were asked which type).  I then asked Drew if there was redbull left over in the can and he said yes :), so naturally I asked him if i can have it and he said sure and I asked how much is it he said not to worry about that(NO CHARGE, this was more than I expected!) Drew has excellent customer service & people skills he is definitely an asset! Now we were called in, we are escorted to our seats and told that our server will be right with us.  A few minutes later a gentleman comes in, he introduces himself as Tyler, he was very nice and knew the menu. He took our order and was very diligent doing so, he held a conversation up nicely and when I asked him for extra garlic sauce(I love it this sauce is taste so rich and delicious, it comes with the popcorn chicken, shrimp, and calamari) he did not hesitate.  He went the extra mile so I went ahead and asked him if he could call the manager(Raul), the manager came and I began to rave about the wonderful service, come to find out that Drew had worked there for a while and Tyler was new and you wouldn't even know it! He is a natural people person, along with the hostesses, Drew at the bar, and the manager Raul! I love this movie theater is the only one we will go to in the Miami area. Thank you all for 
making our date nice a pleasant and fun one! 


Lovable Labels

About the company:


It is said that necessity is the mother of invention and this proved all too true for Laura Porreca, Owner and President of Lovable Labels. 

When Laura’s first child entered daycare, she was told to label all his belongings.  This meant labeling everything from his outdoor clothing, to his indoor shoes, lunches, sippy cups and backpack.  Laura recognized a need in the market for personalized labels that were tough and durable and could stand the test of time and the everyday use that children put them through.

After researching and testing many different products and designs, Laura created a line of labels that include Regular and Slimline Stickers, Shoe Labels, Iron-ons and Bag Tags.  They are not only bright, fun and colourful but also met the high standards that parents have come to expect. The Regular and Slimline labels are microwave and dishwasher safe, the Iron-on labels stay put in the washer and dryer, the Shoe Labels have an extra strength adhesive to ensure they won't come off and the Bag Tags are made of a durable and flexible plastic.  

In 2003 Lovable Labels was born!

Today, the company continues to grow and offer exciting opportunities for its team of sales agents.  Laura also feels strongly about giving back and has incorporated fundraising into the Lovable Labels company.  Schools, daycares and camps use our labels to raise funds for extra-curricular activities while providing a practical and useful product for parents and children. 


I chose to review some of these elegant, swirly, address labels in the Wave design for all occasions I thought the elegant design was so delicate and elegant.  When I received them in person, I was even more impressed with the design.  I have to mention my Lovable Labels arrived wonderfully packaged. The wonderful people at Lovable Labels even included bonus “I Love Blogging” labels which I fell in love with!  The address labels I received were perfect, I poured water on them and gave one to my 2 year old(she put them to the test) and they did not smudge or bleed like all the other labels I have ordered in the past! They’re just as pictured, high quality, smudge proof, and durable. I absolutely love them, if/when the time should come, some of you might be seeing them for yourselves when I ship you a winning prize!

They are so perfect that they are: waterproof, Dishwasher/Microwave Safe, Laundry & Dryer Safe, Sun Safe, Sunscreen Safe, Bleach Safe, & temperature safe! They are perfect for BACK TO SCHOOL!

They are 



Cobb CinéBistro @ Dolphin Mall, Doral, Florida

I had a wonderful experience and the employees definitely make it worth your money.   We had a date night for my birthday celebration on Friday, July 8th and were very happy with the service we received.  The hostess that tickets and seats you is great she is so very friendly (black hair and ivory skin).  I am willing to return for the simple reason that our waitress JenissaCinéBistro Corporation as they are both an asset!  Needless to say this is an excellent place to go for a quite, romantic movie going experience!