Cake Designs

Cake prices range from $2.75 to $6.75 a person depending on the design and size of the cake.

For example: This Cowgirl cake was for 25 people and the cost was $93.75 (Item # 100)

Here are some other selections and designs but I will work with any design ideas, pictures, characters you request. Just send me a clear descriptive message and I will work with you.

This Little Mermaid cake was $6.00 a person. (Item # 200)

  Rubber Ducky Cake (Item #300) 

Dore the Explorer Cake (Item #400)

Karate Cake (Item #500)

Toy Story Cake (Item #600)

Black & White Cake (item #700)

'Welito' (aka Abuelito) Cake (Item #800)

             Tigger Cake (Item #900)                   #45 Team Cake (Item #1000)